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Lecture time!

2012-12-13 18:41:21 by adeCANTO

Hey guys!

Okay, so, this weekend I'm going to give a lecture/workshop at São José dos Campos, here in São Paulo. I'm going to be teaching my whole creative process of drawing and animating modular characters. Bring your notebooks! :D

Yet again to the frontpage!

2012-11-09 10:36:17 by adeCANTO

This is awesome! I've became a real active user on newgrounds since I came back about 2 years ago. Every now and then when I have something worth sharing I put it here and for my surprise, twice already I've been awarded the frontpage. It's a great honor~ specially because someone said "I've never seen animated images on Frontpage before", and that brings me joy :D cuz... How cool is that ?

I'm just sorry my frontpage image was so rough and unfinished (as I mentioned in its description) but seriously. Thanks guys <3

SPJam game, O-Bots!

2012-09-23 21:35:39 by adeCANTO

Hey guys!
A couple weeks ago we had in São Paulo the SPJam, a 2 day marathon for game developers to come up with a concept and prototype game. It was my first go ever and I managed to come up with an idea with a programmer there called Regis Claus. We worked on the game design and furthermore I drawed the characters and in 2 days we made a semi-finished product. In the weeks passed we had the chance to improove it so it goes smoother to SPJam's game expo. It's not yet 100% finished (when you finish the game you have to hit F5 to restart the game, despite the button) but I'm gonna work on the last details soon enough. I hope you guys like it so far. It's not "FUNKY AWESOME!" but for a 2 day run I think it was worth the sweat. :D

Could you take a look ? (oh, shit, by the way... it's in portuguese D: try to skip this fact.)

O-Bots: Scavengers

SPJam game, O-Bots!

HTML5 Game development

2012-02-29 07:36:40 by adeCANTO

Ok, so. I'm really excited about this and though it's not yet viable to upload or export HTML5 projects I wanted to share with you guys because it's actually the only game I've ever done entirely on my own (causing that any bugs, imperfections or lack of game flow will be my fault only).

It's a rough-rough-rough pre-early-master-alpha version years far from some sort of release (wich I don't even think I will release, since it's a study)

I drawed everything, programmed everything and so far conceptualized everything. So I hope it's not all bad, although I repeat:
It's not even a GAME yet! Be patient. :{

And PLEASE, leave feedback, I wanna know what do you guys think!

Shadow Age: The Gate Defenders

HTML5 Game development


2011-07-16 00:16:57 by adeCANTO

I'm now in a serious relationship so I made this drawing of me and my girlfriend.

LAAAAMO! I know. But owell, I'm so happy I could tell everyone.


What's up guys?

2011-05-30 22:59:47 by adeCANTO

Ok, hi!

I've put newgrounds to the fridge in the last couple of months. I had too much work, even more than I could handle, so I wasn't getting the time to actually post anything in here. The good news is that I'm BACK! :D So I'll probably post my newest creations here (as I will in deviantART, wich I also reactivated).

What else, what else ?

Oh, I've learned flash! (yey)
So I'm also gonna make some animations as I find the time and thematics.
Don't hate me if they suck at first, I can draw, but maybe I'm horrible at animations. :{

That'd be all for now!


Plus, wow. First day I come back I get a frontpage award! That's sick! :x
I love you Newgrounds~ s2


2009-07-14 23:46:07 by adeCANTO

Well, this couldn't be more random.

I just made up my profile image, so I'm "filling" the blanks, and this one happend to be the next.
By the way, if anyone read this, YES, I draw and edit every image and stuff I use. So no, they're not stock.
And yes, I'm willing to make flash submissions, so if you need an illustrator, maybe I can help a little.

Think that's it for now.