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Too much....

Too... much... happiness! IT BURNS! (loved it)

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Everyone thought the same friggin thing: "poor Betsy" and it's true :{ HOW COULD YOU!!! BETSYYYY!!!!

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As always, impressive and stunning art. :{ Can't cease to enjoy your art style, trully inspirational. And... LOL Isac's such a queer in this one.

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My cripples keep getting stuck in the ceiling! D:< Call the firemen!


If in the third mission Bieber is the one with brain damage, why is MY character moving like a paraplegic ? Seriously. Bugs.

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Wow Holonboy you need to learn to touch your keyboar keys when you open a game.

Arrow Keys. Done.

Great game by the way =)

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Master Halindir. Incredible, flawless, as usual. My deepest and most sincere congratulations! :O

Can I use this in my game ? :D Credits will be there!

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Mister Halindir. This is... brilliant!

I'm making a little test-game. (My art, my programing, my game design...) no real ambitions, so I came to newgrounds to browse a song that would fit to the first scenario, the game intro. Amongst many musics that had nothing to do with what I was hoping, yours showed itself a real treasure. The game is about a pirate who's a pirate hunter. It's really on early stages (to be honest I started it yesterday and I already have a prototype product) so I came with no final intentions about the song or atmosphere but I can't wrap my head around any perfect other song if not this one. I'll post a preview of the scenario and such. If you like the idea, would you think I could use this tune ? Let me know!~

In all sincerity and humbility.

I'm astonished.

Halindir responds:

Good Lord AdeCANTO, t'would be an honour being featured in your game. And I would very much like to see the preview out of curiosity.
I wish you the best of luck on your glorious test-game endeavours!

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There's so much love in a single picture <3

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ValentineReina responds:

thank you <3

That's so cute! <3 <3 <3

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Great job, some elements feel a little abstract, though it's all conceptual so, no problems there. Keep up the good work! (And congrats on the front page!)

AntonOxenuk responds:

Thanks, I like a bit of abstract stuff :)

I'm a game artist and developer. I currently live in Paulo, Brazil. I love comments and feedbacks :D Feel free to message me! I always answer (Might take a while though!)

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