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New Character Generator

2015-08-12 12:00:27 by adeCANTO

I've made a new version of my Character Generator :D

It has some interesting features if you are looking for random characters with cohesive traits and attributes to draw or write. Maybe even canon it into a story or something! :) Anyway a bunch of great artists helped me test it and you can see their art here!


Click here to get to the Store Page

Let me know if you guys create something cool! :D I hope you have fun!

Lich Character Generator

2014-10-15 14:22:59 by adeCANTO

Hey guys!

So, everyone knows about my Class Generator by now, but I wasn’t satisfied with it since it doesn’t really gives you any options besides pressing a ‘random’ button, so I worked a couple hours on a new version and got this baby. I call it the Lich Character Generator mostly because of the skull on the interface. I made it optimized so I can make new versions if I feel like it (or you guys need it).

If you want to draw but you’re not sure what, just give it a shot!

You can choose among 9 options to randomize a character. Running out of ideas on what to draw is not an excuse anymore! >:)

I hope you guys find it useful! I’ll post some random stuff I generate here later!

Anyways, Have fun! <3 And remember, sharing is caring. Specially if you enjoy it. <3

If you need anything, just send me an /ask on Tumblr or Comment here! :)



2014-07-14 21:41:44 by adeCANTO

Heeey! How come I have such awesome  followers and so few of them ever talk to me!?

Dudes, just drop me a shout at twitter (@Kent2D) or something! :D It's awesome to trade experiences and feedbacks and just jibbering about stuff! Don't be a stranger! I hardly ever turn down a conversation!~


Hey everyone! I just made a new website called 2D Dungeon (wich is actually a tumblr) where I'll be posting art and sketches and stuff. From time to time you'll also be able to comission me there, so yeah! If you have a Tumblr account, follow it and help spread! :D

If you want to contact me for wathever reason, just send me a message (via e-mail or on Tumblr) there, I'll be happy to answer!

2D Dungeon Logo

Finally, I'm making a game.

2013-09-05 00:56:51 by adeCANTO

Okay so, exactly one year ago I was attending to the first jam of my life. The first time I made anything slightly resemblant to a game in 48 hours. Since then, I started really enjoying Jams, and I attended to Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam and a few others. Probably around 7 or 8 jams in the last 365 days.

Lots of people are familiar with me in game jams and in game development comunities, but no one really knows me for a reference. There's no "Oh, Kent is the guy who made -THAT GAME-". So I decided, after this cycle of 1 year in jams, I'd take the next step into developing my very own first game.

It doesn't matter how silly it may come out. It's going to be a piece of my effort that finally was turned into something playable and enjoyable. Something people will hopefully remember.

The game is named Curse of the Bastards

I'll post whatever new arts I have for it here, as well as devlogs on the game's Tumblr and on TIG Forum.

I know maybe I'm late to start, but hey. Better late than ever, right ? (Right?)

Finally, I'm making a game.

The Pack of Horrors

2013-07-24 17:06:20 by adeCANTO

Hey güeuze!

This weekend I'm participating in the PACK OF HORRORS, a Game Jam organized here in Brazil. The theme of the jam will be, as you would expect: Horror. You can check out more about it in the Tumblr (wich is all in English, thank you very much.)!

Lots of places already mentioned the pack! Such as Kotaku, Gamesfoda and Arena IG (all in PT-BR, sorry D:).

Please, share with your friends and stay tunned! :D The Jam will be streamed and interviewed during the days. We'll see you then!

Ludum Dare #26

2013-04-29 10:33:54 by adeCANTO

Soooo, I attendet the 26th edition of Ludum Dare!

It was rough. I slept maybe 5 hours total and I couldn't even finish the game for lack of time (Or I'd have recorded the Audio/Music too) but Hey. I tried my best. Next edition maybe I'll try to make something more simple. Although It HAS alot of bugs (the game was made in 48 hours! D:<) Do try to enjoy it, and tell me what you think!

Thanks alot guys! <3

Click here to play: They Explode!

I'll post it to Newgrounds as soon as I have fixed the majority of the bugs that bother me.
In any case, if you wanna say something, just comment, message me, Twitter (@Lemon_Kent) or send me an e-mail :D

HTML5 development now on Newgrounds!

2013-03-13 01:06:04 by adeCANTO

I'll be uploading my HTML5 games here on newgrounds from now on! As I'm not done making (any) games so far, I'll post here on project the tests I make!

Tell me what do you guys think!

I`ll post some more updates on my page in facebook! :D Check it out. Mechanic Lemon

Spare a 'Like' ? :D

2013-02-22 13:14:55 by adeCANTO

I'll be updating news about my current works on my page on facebook, if anyone minds to share and like it, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

Mechanic Lemon

Plus, I'm working on 'That Fucking Rabbit!'.

John Doe, my character.

2013-01-12 00:31:36 by adeCANTO

There are two words to describe unknown individuals. One is when it's under authority custody. The other is when it's really just some anonymous in the crowd. John Doe means he's a nobody. Mister X, means he's a somebody nobody's suppose to know about.

They are 2 robots.

John Doe dreams of becoming human. He's facinated about the way humans are able to understand eachothers emotions, smiles and the way they are tender to eachother. Every friendship, feeling and kindness.

Mr. X tries to warn John about humanitie's obscenity and that it's better for them to stay as far as they can from being anything like human beings, for they are ungrateful, vile, diseased and that at the same time they do understand their own sense of morals, they do not deny on breaking it or hurting other people if it's for personal gain.

One is the right side of the brain, the other is the left one~

John wants to be human, so he has those human parts around his pieces (It's up to interpretation wether they're real, plástic, silicone, whatever) and the more parts he gets, more humans run away from him, being increasingly frightened by his figure.

Mr.X on the other hand is just a pure machine.

No human fears him, since he is exactly what he seems to be, physicaly, simply what he is. A machine. When John notices people aren't afraid of Mr.X as they are of him, he gets angry and jealous of Mr.X and tries to destroy him.

"The thing that mostly makes you human is your will of self-destructing yourself without even noticing that all hardships you have, were, and will forever be your own creations." -Mr.X