Lich Character Generator

2014-10-15 14:22:59 by adeCANTO

Hey guys!

So, everyone knows about my Class Generator by now, but I wasn’t satisfied with it since it doesn’t really gives you any options besides pressing a ‘random’ button, so I worked a couple hours on a new version and got this baby. I call it the Lich Character Generator mostly because of the skull on the interface. I made it optimized so I can make new versions if I feel like it (or you guys need it).

If you want to draw but you’re not sure what, just give it a shot!

You can choose among 9 options to randomize a character. Running out of ideas on what to draw is not an excuse anymore! >:)

I hope you guys find it useful! I’ll post some random stuff I generate here later!

Anyways, Have fun! <3 And remember, sharing is caring. Specially if you enjoy it. <3

If you need anything, just send me an /ask on Tumblr or Comment here! :)



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2014-10-15 16:58:20

As a Lich myself I heavily approve of this!

adeCANTO responds:

HA! Thanks a Bunch Lich! :D Glad you enjoyed it man! :)


2015-01-14 21:23:14

This is awesome!


2015-07-18 18:38:56

I've always wondered if you were part of the art team behind the Darkest Dungeon ?