2D Dungeon! - Bring your torches.

2014-05-06 12:06:14 by adeCANTO

Hey everyone! I just made a new website called 2D Dungeon (wich is actually a tumblr) where I'll be posting art and sketches and stuff. From time to time you'll also be able to comission me there, so yeah! If you have a Tumblr account, follow it and help spread! :D


If you want to contact me for wathever reason, just send me a message (via e-mail or 2d-dungeon.com/ask on Tumblr) there, I'll be happy to answer!

2D Dungeon Logo


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2014-05-06 14:17:34

Wow, the site looks awesome.
I hope you post your art here as well. :D

adeCANTO responds:

Don't worry I will :D It's only that Tumblr is a more friendly place for people to contact me. (Or so it seems)


2014-05-09 02:37:15

Looks pretty good but, it's just not my kind of place.