Finally, I'm making a game.

2013-09-05 00:56:51 by adeCANTO

Okay so, exactly one year ago I was attending to the first jam of my life. The first time I made anything slightly resemblant to a game in 48 hours. Since then, I started really enjoying Jams, and I attended to Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam and a few others. Probably around 7 or 8 jams in the last 365 days.

Lots of people are familiar with me in game jams and in game development comunities, but no one really knows me for a reference. There's no "Oh, Kent is the guy who made -THAT GAME-". So I decided, after this cycle of 1 year in jams, I'd take the next step into developing my very own first game.

It doesn't matter how silly it may come out. It's going to be a piece of my effort that finally was turned into something playable and enjoyable. Something people will hopefully remember.

The game is named Curse of the Bastards

I'll post whatever new arts I have for it here, as well as devlogs on the game's Tumblr and on TIG Forum.

I know maybe I'm late to start, but hey. Better late than ever, right ? (Right?)

Finally, I'm making a game.


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2013-09-05 01:28:55



2013-09-05 14:04:28

Doing it all by yourself?

adeCANTO responds:

Yeah! Except for music and sfx!


2013-09-05 15:56:50

Really? Looking for any help with music/sfx?

adeCANTO responds:

Nah man! Thanks for offering! =D I mentioned 'except music and sfx' because I have a friend who's already in the making. We're working together in scenario concepts and everything, so the process really builds in an organic and natural way!


2013-09-05 16:55:14

Well Good Luck!


2014-04-24 00:28:03

Can't wait until you finish the game, good luck!