Ludum Dare #26

2013-04-29 10:33:54 by adeCANTO

Soooo, I attendet the 26th edition of Ludum Dare!

It was rough. I slept maybe 5 hours total and I couldn't even finish the game for lack of time (Or I'd have recorded the Audio/Music too) but Hey. I tried my best. Next edition maybe I'll try to make something more simple. Although It HAS alot of bugs (the game was made in 48 hours! D:<) Do try to enjoy it, and tell me what you think!

Thanks alot guys! <3

Click here to play: They Explode!

I'll post it to Newgrounds as soon as I have fixed the majority of the bugs that bother me.
In any case, if you wanna say something, just comment, message me, Twitter (@Lemon_Kent) or send me an e-mail :D


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2013-05-05 23:20:42

I saw your artwork made it for April's background on Starbound homepage, congrats on that.


2013-05-05 23:21:51

I apologize for that glitch, I guess it's still happening D:


2013-06-04 05:17:45

you made that in 48 hours? wow, looks great :D

adeCANTO responds:

Yeah man! :D It's somewhat disappointing because I tried to make something waaay too big for 48 hours. Should've made a simpler game... But turned out alright! :D