HTML5 development now on Newgrounds!

2013-03-13 01:06:04 by adeCANTO

I'll be uploading my HTML5 games here on newgrounds from now on! As I'm not done making (any) games so far, I'll post here on project the tests I make!

Tell me what do you guys think!

I`ll post some more updates on my page in facebook! :D Check it out. Mechanic Lemon


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2013-03-15 06:09:23

that's neato


2013-04-10 09:09:22

Hello from the starbound forums ;)

Well about the tech demo, controls were barely functioning until I enabled the site to save stuff on my pc, I noticed 2 problems with the arrow keys, one is you don't face the way you're walking even with your weapons sheathed and the down arrow scrolls the screen down, so that part of the game vanishes in the top of the newgrounds player.

adeCANTO responds:

Oh, yeah! D: That's my mistake. You`re suppose to use WASD to move. I failed to disable the arrow Key control.